Think before throwing away old appliances or junk

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Plastic Boxes ManufacturersThere is a lot you have to think and worry about when house moving. You have to plan and schedule your move as well as save up for moving costs. Besides this, you also have to think of fixing your new house and getting rid of old items. But there's yet another thing you have to think about in the midst of packing boxes and holding garage sales. It's rare that someone thinks of doing environmentally friendly things when moving, but it is an important thing to consider.A lot of energy gets wasted and a lot of things don't get recycled when moving. Think of saving the earth as much as you think of saving money. Follow these simple environmentally friendly moving tips to get you started on a greener journey to your new home.1. Your trash can be someone else's treasure.

Think before throwing away old appliances or junk. These just add to landfills. See if you can donate old, clothes, working computers or calculators to schools or charities. Sell old toasters, TV sets and radios to junk shops. These can be used as scrap metal or even for extra parts. Hold a garage sale. You might even earn enough to cover house moving costs. You should also dispose of hasardous materials properly. Don't put in packing boxes with other items. Moving companies do not allow the transportation of flammable, corrosive or explosive materials. Be sure that you ask the officials in your area how and where you can dispose of them properly.2. Try to fit everything in one lorry. Minimise your carbon footprint by using only one moving van or lorry to fit all your items. You save gas, time and money by making only one trip to move.3. Use secondhand materials instead of buying brand new ones. Ask your local grocery or even your neighbours if they have packing boxes that you can use.

Many liquor stores or groceries can even give you used boxes and foam pellets for free. Make sure to call first rather than driving around to look for boxes. You reduce emissions and pollution this way.4. Consume or donate perishables. Don't let good food go to waste before house moving. Check the expiration dates on your food and plan a picnic or party with your family and friends to consume these. You can even donate food to your local charity. Don't wait until the last minute before checking. You'll end up throwing away food.5. Choose non-toxic cleaners. Use environmentally friendly house cleaners as much as possible. You can even hire professional cleaners that use eco-friendly materials to clean your house. If you have a hard time looking for non-toxic cleaners, use an old, organic recipe of vinegar and baking soda to clean your home.Moving is very hard and stressful, not only for you, but for the environment as well. Try practicing the environmentally friendly moving tips listed above. These tips can help you save money and the earth as well.

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