This is where the cardboard box comes into its own

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pretty cufflink boxes

This is where the cardboard box comes into its own. If you look around the average home you'll be sure to find cardboard boxes everywhere ' from you under stairs cupboard, to your attic, to the bedroom and the kitchen. With a bigger range of different sized cardboard boxes on the market in the UK than ever before, there are boxes to suit every domestic need. In the domestic market, one of the main uses of the cardboard box is to move house. Noted as being one of the most stressful things in life, moving requires a lot of packing and unpacking. Many people would be lost without cardboard boxes for moving house as they are able to hold a lot of weight, offer protection to fragile items and are cheap to buy. Double wall corrugated cartons are generally the design of choice for this purpose.

Business Useage Although the business world is moving towards paper-less systems, there is still currently a need for offices to have copious amounts of paperwork, whether as a back-up in the event of computer problems, or to comply with legislations. Whatever the reason, many businesses use cardboard boxes necktie boxes to store away their filing. Archive boxes are the type of box designed specifically for this purpose and they often have space for content lists and notes to be written on the side or lid of the boxes to make it easier for office staff to find what they are looking for. These are generally made from single wall corrugated construction to reduce bulk. If a business is in the supply of goods market, they are likely to use cardboard boxes to store materials or goods until purchased or used. As mentioned in the packaging section of this article, cardboard boxes offer durable protection for many items and as they come in a good range of different sizes, they are suitable for almost anything. So whether you're moving house or re-organising the office, there is a cardboard box to suit your needs.

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